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Welcome To Ambika Home Inspection

What we provide

Ambika Home Inspection (AHI) inspector is a certified home inspector with most comprehensive home inspection course and training from Carsun Dunlop and member of Alberta Professional Home Inspectors (APHIS). AHI provides complete and high standard professional and affordable home inspection in Calgary and surrounding area. Inspections are carried out maintaining high Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. For certified home inspection and home inspectors contact us.

Making a decision for buying a house may not be easy for you. Ambika Home Inspection inspector (certified/licensed inspector) can help you to make sure your house is structurally and technically solid. By inspecting major components such as, roof, exterior, structure, electrical, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), insulation, plumbing and interior and performing thermal imaging scan of your house can uncover any defects.

You will go through a guided tour of the house (if you attend, it is recommended) from home inspector who will explain/detail you about the issues/defects/flaws noted at the time of inspection, which will help you to understand the condition of the house and make your decision. Further, colorful electronic report detailing house components and any flaws/issues noted during the home inspection will be provided within 24 hrs (usually same day) of the inspection. Report will be clear, detailed, and also includes pictorial illustrations (where necessary) to make easy for you to understand the issue/s and possible solution.


Excellent in Following Activities
  • plumbing2

    Interior water supply and distribution systems including fixtures and faucets. Drain, waste, and vent systems including fixtures. Water heating equipment...

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  • roofing

    Roofing materials. Roof drainage system. Flashing. Skylights, Chimneys, and roof penetration.

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  • heating

    Readily accessible components of Installed heating equipment. Vent systems, flues and chimneys. Fuel storage and distribution system.

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  • exterior

    Wall covering, flashing, and trim. Exterior doors. Attached and adjacent decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches, and their associated railings. Eaves,...

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  • structure2

    Structural components including the foundation and framing.  

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  • electrical

    Service drop. Service entrance conductors, cables, raceways. Service grounding. Interior components of service panels and subpanels. Service equipment and main...

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  • interior

    Walls, ceilings, and floors. Steps, stairways, and railings. Representative number of countertops and installed cabinets. A representative number of doors...

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  • insolation

    Insulation and vapour barrier/retarder in unfinished spaces. Ventilation of attics and foundation areas. Mechanical ventilation system. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and...

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Our Testimonials

What client say

I hired Ambika Home Inspection for my house inspection. I realized that Mr. Giri was  extremely thorough and professional. Very glad I hired him to come in! He examined every corner of the house and identified every possible issue, however minor...

-Debby S. SE Calgary

I would say that hiring Ambika House Inspection for your house inspection is a kind of luck. The reason behind that Mr. Inspector was  very thorough when conducting my house inspection. He took the time to explain his actions, process and reasoning...

-Kuldeep B., NE Calgary

We've had inspections on two homes from Ambika House Inspection services. We found them professional.  The first inspection revealed a slew of big hidden problems, and the second house was in pretty good shape. We save lots of money. The...

-John Terry NE, Calgary

Ambika House Inspection service is great!  Very responsive, fantastic inspection. I reviewed all the images and report. The inspector explained all the errors found in the house and simply all around A++ experiences I received.  Having had home inspections in the...

-Sebei K., NW Calgary