Condo/townhouses in Canada are more detailed. Defects in any component of the condo may lead to the huge costing including stress to the owner. House defects could be due to the mistake made at the time of building or could have been developed after. In any case, it is best to the interest of owner to know if there is any defects in the house which may cost huge amount of money for repair. Home inspection also helps to keep owner a peace mind and reduces the stress that may develop due major defect noticed after buying a house without proper home inspection. Inspection of condo may be limited because some of the components come under the responsibility of the condo board. But this is where buyers may make mistake of not having inspection of their condo by thinking, such as, the exterior or roof come under the condo board. There are other components in the condo that need to be inspected and any defect would cost in huge repair cost for the client. Further, without understanding defects, clients may not be able to even complain or request responsible authority because they are unware of the defects. This is where AHI home inspector can help client understand condo condition and defects.