Home Inspection

Houses in Canada are more detailed. Defects in any component of the house may lead to the huge costing including stress to the owner. House defects could be due to the mistake made at the time of building the house or could have been developed after. In any case, it is best to the interest of owner to know if there are any defects in the house which may cost huge amount of money for repair. Home inspection also helps to keep owner a peace mind and reduces the stress that may develop due major defect noticed after buying a house without proper home inspection.

AHI provides a thorough inspection of all the required components of the house. AHI has learnt from experience that buyers are not only interested to know the condition of the house but also want to understand the house components. Hence, AHI inspector along with finding the defects in the house spent time in educating the client about the house components and wherever possible provides maintenance tips. For this reason many of our clients referred AHI inspector as a most comprehensive/detailed and complete home inspection with best customer service.